Save Your Old Augusta Tree With Cabling, Bracing, and Rodding Services in Augusta, GA and North Augusta & Aiken, SC

When your old oak tree, or any other tree that you are particularly fond of, gets damaged in a storm wind, or some of its branches become weak with age, it might still be well worth saving. The professionals at Empire Tree and Turf can employ cabling, bracing, and rodding to help prevent danger to humans, animals, and property, and to give you peace of mind.

Once our arborist has completed the tree evaluation, we will install cabling, bracing, and rodding in areas determined to be weak, to reduce the risk of further damage and to provide supplementary support to the tree. Our specialized services include:

  • Tree evaluation
  • Tree assessment
  • Tree cabling
  • Tree bracing
  • Tree rodding
  • Tree protection
  • Residential and commercial tree services

To save a tree that is special to you, call the experienced professionals at Empire Tree and Turf now. We will strengthen its structure so that you can enjoy its beauty for many years to come. We proudly offer our superior services to the residents of Augusta and the surrounding 50-mile radius.

Tree Cabling