Professionally Installed Lightning Protection in the Augusta, GA and Aiken & North Augusta, SC areas, can Help Prevent Damage Caused by Lightning Strikes

The skilled professionals at Empire Tree and Turf can help protect the trees in your garden from lightning strikes during a thunderstorm. A lightning strike can damage and potentially destroy the whole tree.

Although we cannot prevent lightning from striking your trees, we can install a lightning protection system that will protect your trees, effectively eliminating the risk of damage to the tree.

We have the experience and knowledge to provide any of the following:

  • Design consultation
  • Lightning protection install
  • Lightning protection repair
  • Lightning protection system installation
  • Lightning detection
  • Warning system
  • Inspect lightning protection systems after remodeling or roof repair work
  • Install complete systems
  • Repair work on an existing lightning protection system

Protect those gentle giants in your garden in Augusta and the surrounding 50-mile radius against a lightning strike by calling the professionals at Empire Tree and Turf now. We will gladly evaluate your trees to ensure that we install the most effective protection system suitable for them.

lightning protection
lightning protection