Humble Beginnings

The C.S.R.A. Tree, Ornamental and Turf Seminar got it’s humble beginnings in 2000, the owner of Empire Tree and Turf felt the need to share knowledge and wisdom with others in the local industry. In the first year of the seminar attendance was ten and in the second year attendance rose to eighteen, Empire Tree and Turf hosted the two events on its own and whether it was realized at the time, started something that has grown in the hearts of Augusta the “Garden City” , the C.S.R.A. and the region.

In the third year of the seminar (2002) the Augusta Housing Authority and Augusta ~ Richmond County teamed with Empire Tree and Turf to co-host the seminar. The partnership was a good one, something was abuzz and the attendance for this event rose to thirty-five. In the next year attendance more than doubled with eighty-five attending and again attendance increased the following year to two-hundred.

It was apparent that these guys were on the right track. Meetings were scheduled throughout the year to plan and organize for the seminar and before one was over they were already meeting and looking to improve on their efforts for the future years. Top people in their fields were and continue to be bought in to educate us on new research, exotic plant materials, and keep us abreast of new industry standards and practices.

For January 2008’s seminar, with more being wished to be accomplished a board was created with a diverse group of people from different fields in the green industry, thus allowing input and decisions on what and who each member was interested in and to help facilitate the 2008 seminar.