Roger Swain

Known as “The Man in the Red Suspenders,” Roger was the host of “The Victory Garden” on PBS for 15 years, becoming America’s most popular male gardening personality.

Biologist, gardener, writer and storyteller, Mr. Swain was born and raised outside of Boston, Massachusetts.  He graduated from Harvard College and went on to earn a PhD, studying the behavior of ants in tropical rain forests, before becoming science editor of Horticulture magazine.  Since 1978 readers have been enjoying his essays and articles in that magazine, as well as his five books: Earthly Pleasures, Field Days, The Practical Gardener, Saving Graces andGroundwork.

Roger received the 1992 American Horticulture society Award for Writing, and in 1996 he was awarded the Massachusetts Horticultural Society’s gold medal for his “power to inspire others.”

When he is not filming, writing, or meeting with gardeners across the country, Roger Swain can be found at work in the orchard and gardens of his farm in Southern New Hampshire.